Workshop Coming up SOON


A few days ago, I got together with these two love birds. Yes, they are engaged, but this wasn’t an engagement session. They were just kind enough to let me photograph them so I can show real life examples of all the things I’ll be teaching during the workshop. I cannot thank them enough! I took them to some pretty questionable locations and they just went with it! Candace and Jason, you were so incredible, I cannot wait to photograph you during a real session.

So here’s a tiny little sneak peek of what we will be covering during the workshop:

White Balance:


Focal Lengths:

Depth of Field and Lens compression:


How to make pretty images in ugly locations:


And by ugly, I mean really ugly:
(And another HUGE thank you to Emily. Emily used to be my intern while in high school. She’s now working on a photojournalism degree, but she was in town and graciously offered to help and take all of the behind the scene photos)

Focal Points:

And much much more! I just finished up all my slides for the workshop and can’t wait to share!

Thank you again Candace and Jason and Emily!


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