Did you study photography?

Yes, I studied photography, but I graduated with a degree in Human Nutrition. I took college courses in black and white film photography/dark room and Photoshop. I’ve also attended numerous workshops and I am constantly looking for other great photography workshops to further my knowledge. There’s always more to learn. On that note, I’d like to thank my first teacher Roy Pope for never making it easy, for never giving the answers I so desperately asked him to hand out. He made me work hard to learn that I was the only one who could find my own answers and for that I’m forever grateful.

Do you still work as a dietitian?

No, I worked in the cardiovascular ICU for 5 years. I learned that life is precious and fragile and unexpected. I understand the importance of documenting life in the most beautiful light. My previous career in critical care also taught me how to remain calm and perform at my best under pressure which can sometimes come in handy as a photographer as well.

Is photography your full time job? How long have you been in business?

Yes, and I have been in business since January of 2008 .

What can we expect from you as our photographer?

Before your photoshoot or wedding day there will be a lot of planning. For photoshoots we will talk about location, outfits, and the mood or feel you want for your images. For your wedding day there will be a detailed timeline and lots of other information as well as back-up plans. On the day of your photoshoot or wedding, we will have fun and create beautiful images for you! Afterward the images will be edited and uploaded to an online gallery where you can view them, share with friends and family, and purchase and download high resolution images and other products.