fancy camera workshop


When I bought my first fancy camera I spent years shooting on AV priority mode and couldn't quite understand why my photos lacked the wow factor I was looking for. This workshop is designed for those who own a fancy camera but are still not sure how to use it to its full potential.


Previous attendees have included students who were just taking the camera out of the box as well as those who own a photography business. There's a maximum of 12 attendees per workshop to ensure everyone gets individual attention and can learn at their own pace.


I host most of the workshops, but you are also welcome to host a workshop. If you have a group of friends and a location that you would like to hold the workshop at, I'd be happy to come to you. The host makes the full payment to Cristi Owen Photography and you can have 1 to 12 people attend the workshop you host.


Camera settings, lens choice, focal point, angle of view and compositional elements will be discussed at length during the morning portion of our day together. After lunch (provided by the workshop), we will spend a few hours practicing what you learned. I will be shooting too, sharing my camera settings and my thought process behind each image and answering your questions. We will then look at our images together and answer any final questions.

what you need

Any digital camera will work as long as it has a manual (M) mode

Your camera's manual

Your camera's digital memory card (CF, SD, MMC, xD, MS, MD, SM)

Don't forget to charge your camera's battery

A card reader or your camera's cable to download images

A laptop

If you don't have Bridge, Lightroom or Photoshop, you can download a free trail version prior to the workshop at


Gilbert, AZ or wherever you are hosting it

how much

$229 per person  

$1600 if you are hosting it

Please note payments are non-refundable


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schedule overview

9:00 Introductions

9:30 The Technical Stuff

focal length, angle of view, white balance, exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering, focal point, depth of field - what makes the background more or less "blurry".

11:00 The Fun Stuff

compositional elements (light, leading lines, foreground, rule of thirds, perspective, etc), posing, making beautiful images in less than ideal locations. 

12:00 Equipment

how to choose the right lens and camera for the images you want to make

12:30 Lunch/Review

1:30 Hands-on Practice

4:30 Downloading/Editing

5:30 Sharing of Images/Critique

6:30 Q&A

7:00 It's a wrap