Nina and David

Before I go on, I need to apologize to my friend Janette for missing her birthday party this past Saturday. That morning I got an unexpected phone call from photographer Debbie Moon. She needed someone to help shoot a wedding that same afternoon. I of course couldn’t miss the oportunity. I thought I’d still make it to Janette’s party but I didn’t leave the wedding until 10:30. (Thanks for being understanding, Janette). Debbie was so nice, she even let me use her camera/lens. I can’t wait to see the pictures I took with her camera. At first I spent a little time with the boys while they were getting ready, then we switched and I spent most of my time with the girls while Debbie was with the boys. So here are a few shots I got with my camera:
The boys getting ready:
The best man : Dad watching his little girl getting ready. I love this photo. The look on his face says so much.A few details:
The maid of honor practicing her speech:
The bride just moments before the ceremony. (So calm and just beautiful!): Time to celebrate:
Debbie, thank you for this opportunity. I had so much fun! David and Nina I really appreciate you sharing your most special day with me.