The Diaper Bag Checklist

A few weeks ago, we took baby girl for her first extended outing, including a little trip to one of our favorite restaurants, Sauce. Oh, turkey and feta salad how I’ve missed you.

Prior to this, we had only really gone to the Doctor’s office, my sister’s house, and some super quick trips to Buy Buy Baby.

Being the planner and list lover that I am, I took advantage of nap time to create a little tag to attach to her diaper bag with a checklist of all the essentials. I even planned ahead for a couple months from now and included things like a teether, sunblock, and toys. I was feeling like I was about to receive a new-mom-of-the-year-award.

As we were getting out of the car, my husband looks at me and very seriously says:
“I thought of something else you need to add to the list.” He paused as to give me a chance to figure out on my own what I had forgotten and still maybe have a chance at an honorable mention (since at this point the new-mom-of-the-year-award was out the window). And he finally says: “the actual diaper bag”.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I packed the perfect diaper bag and left it behind. I’m totally out of the contest now. And a little relieved that I didn’t actually forget something on the list ;). I thought he grabbed the bag, he thought I grabbed the bag. At least we both remembered the baby. And we just laughed and cut our date short.

So maybe I’ll add a tag to the carseat that says “got diaper bag?”

And for all you moms out there, here’s my list. Any other must-haves? I know the list will change as she gets older and I’d appreciate a heads-up on other diaper bag essentials.

Baby Girl – One month

::We mostly call you ‘chunkin’.

::Your dad has lots of funny nicknames for you, and he calls you ‘princhesca’ a lot. I guess that’s his Italian version of princess ;).

::He’s also always telling you how precious you are. It melts my heart.

::I try to speak lots of Portuguese with you.

::I don’t know very many lullabies, so I sing a lot of Lulu Santos for you. You fall asleep every time. I think it’s because you don’t want to listen to me anymore. Either way, it works.

::You are losing your hair. We can’t really tell if it will be light brown or red. Maybe it will be reddish brown.

::Your eyes are still really blue. So crazy! How can I possibly have a child with blue eyes??

::If I put you on the right light and squint a little, you are starting to look a little more like me.

::You are mastering how to push the pacifier back in your mouth. So cute.

::You love taking baths.

::You mostly communicate with little grunting sounds. Thankfully you leave the crying for extreme situations like the doctor’s office.

::You started to really see us now – which is awesome!

::Your cousin Nathan is so in love with you. He loves sitting next to you and bouncing you on your little chair.

::Your dad and I are pretty sure you intentionally smiled at us. Coincidence or not, we still loved it.

::You eat 3 oz of formula every 3 hours.

::We go through a lot of bibs :).

::I don’t get much sleep, but I feel so lucky that I get to hold you in my arms. Less sleep = more holding time :).

Mama loves you so much, baby girl!