Happy New Year!

my aunt, her husband, my grandpa and my mom celebrating back in 1962. The skinny ties are back, why can’t the gorgeous dresses make a comeback too?

What? A blog post? From me?

Well, it’s a New Year and you know how that goes, somehow that brand new shiny month of January makes you feel like you can do things that in the other 11 months of the year seem impossible.

I had officially given up on writing blog posts again until I have it all updated and working smoothly as a blogsite. My website and my blog will be roommates, living under the same address and visible on iphones, ipads, etc. Can’t wait! But that may take a few months still and the problem is when you have something out there on the internet, it’s never non-existent and instead it just looks abandoned. And that’s just tacky ;)

So here’s a blog post to wish you a Happy New Year and a very motivating month of January. It’s proven science that if you take the time to write down your goals they are much more likely to come true. So this month take a few minutes to dream and a few more minutes to plan. This is likely the most motivated you will feel all year so let’s get it done! I’ll be sharing my goals and dreams with you soon, but Ava (my 7-month old baby girl) already has hers all planned out:

Ava’s New Year Resolutions for 2013:

1. I will figure out every buckle they tie me down with. Carseat, bouncer, highchair… All of them.

2. Whatever it is that they are eating. I want it. I will have it.

3. I will not crawl. No one else is doing it.

4. I will walk. And no hand-holding either.

5. Everything I touch I will put it in my mouth.

6. I want to surprise my parents and on the same day say my first word in English and then in Portuguese. It will be epic.

7. I will stop spitting up. Mainly because none of my bibs match any of my outfits. So embarrassing.

8. I will have a big ol’ first birthday party. No theme though. Pinterest is so 2012.

9. Please oh please can these teeth come out already?

10. I will go on more playdates. Any babies out there have some free time to play in 2013? Have your people call my people.

Happy New 2013 Everyone!

Bare Walls Make Me Sad

Since we will be moving in just 4 short months, we had decided that we wouldn’t put anything up on the walls in baby girl’s room. It just didn’t make sense to have more things to pack up when we move and also patching up the holes and repainting would just be more work when the time comes to say goodbye to this place. Besides I can live with blank walls for just 4 months, right? Hmmm, wrong. I thought I could, but as it turns out I’ve been spending a lot of time in her bedroom and I just couldn’t stand to stare at those blank walls anymore. So we now have over 50 wholes to patch up and paint over. But if you ask me, it’s SO worth it.
There are still lots of projects waiting until after the move, but at least her walls aren’t completely naked anymore. Here’s a pic from my instagram with what we have up on the walls thus far.

And if you are like me and naked walls make you sad, here are some fun ideas on how to dress up those walls on one of my pinterest boards: http://pinterest.com/cristiowen/photo-displays/