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Hazel | Newborn at Home


I absolutely loved my time getting to know this sweet family. Baby Hazel sure is a lucky little girl!



Her mint and gold nursery was the perfect mix of glamour and simplicity.


Her older brother has got to be the best older sibling I’ve ever met. I’ve never met a little one so good-natured and welcoming of the newest addition.


I loved the time I got to spend with him while his momma soothed his sister.

IMG_2740 IMG_2721

A sweet little portrait of baby Hazel:IMG_2481

And one more which was her momma’s request:



Thank you Nash Family! You were incredible :)

Fall Mini Session Dates

One of my favorite things about the holidays is receiving so much fun mail with all the Holiday Cards with wishes of joy and all my clients, friends, and family’s smiley faces. I love staring at the fridge. It’s like a compilation of all the blessings that surround us. All right in the middle of my kitchen. hahaha. But before that can happen I get to see some of you in person which is the very best part. I get a little sentimental over it, but to watch my client’s families change and grow through the years is such a huge blessing and it makes me so happy.
*iPhone photo via Instagram. All photos on cards by Cristi Owen Photography.

Here are the dates and times available:

Nov 1st: 3:00(Wallace), 3:30(Marlow), 4:00(Powers), 4:30(Ryan)

Nov 2nd: 3:00(Detman), 3:30(Stewart), 4:00(Daley), 4:30(Colling)

Nov 15th: 3:00(Carr), 3:30(Woffinden), 4:00(Nielsen), 4:30(Wahl)

Nov 16th: 3:00(Adams), 3:30 (Perry), 4:00(Viets), 4:30(Insco)

Mini session Details:

Mini sessions are $200 and they are 30 minutes long. These session are back to back so please plan on arriving with plenty of time for parking and last minute touch ups to be able to take advantage of your full session.

Details on location will be sent closer to the date of the session. Approximately two weeks before. It will definitely be in the Phoenix area and most likely in the East Valley.

After the session all of your images will be uploaded to an online gallery. You will pick your favorite 5 images and submit them to me. I will do any further editing requested and you will then receive a code to download those 5 images in high resolution for free. You will also receive a print release for your images.

If you would like to purchase additional high resolution digital images from your session the pricing is below:

10 images – 150
25 images – 175
50 images – 200
51+ images – 225

A signed contract and full payment is required to reserve your spot.

If you would like to book your session or have more questions, please email me at

Can’t wait!

Trisha and Baby Brooklynn | Mother’s Day Mini Session


I’m about 100 blog posts behind, so I thought I would start with two of my favorite people in the world.



Workshop Coming up SOON


A few days ago, I got together with these two love birds. Yes, they are engaged, but this wasn’t an engagement session. They were just kind enough to let me photograph them so I can show real life examples of all the things I’ll be teaching during the workshop. I cannot thank them enough! I took them to some pretty questionable locations and they just went with it! Candace and Jason, you were so incredible, I cannot wait to photograph you during a real session.

So here’s a tiny little sneak peek of what we will be covering during the workshop:

White Balance:


Focal Lengths:

Depth of Field and Lens compression:


How to make pretty images in ugly locations:


And by ugly, I mean really ugly:
(And another HUGE thank you to Emily. Emily used to be my intern while in high school. She’s now working on a photojournalism degree, but she was in town and graciously offered to help and take all of the behind the scene photos)

Focal Points:

And much much more! I just finished up all my slides for the workshop and can’t wait to share!

Thank you again Candace and Jason and Emily!


Mother’s Day Mini Session Winner!

Thank you all so much for your entries. I loved reading each and every one of them. We really are all amazing moms!

…and the winner is… Courtney! Congrats!

I can’t wait for this year’s mini sessions when I get to see all of you amazing moms and your minis :). I’ve only had photos done with Ava twice and I cherish them so much!

For this year’s Mother’s Day all I really wanted was a really nice photo of my mom, my sister, her son, myself, and my daughter.  You’d think everyone would be into it, right? Since I’m a photographer and all, but here’s what happened: My mom had one of those super white sunscreens on and refused to wear make-up. She says I can just photoshop it ;). My sister was 2 hours late which gave us exactly 80 seconds to take the photo in front of her house before getting in the car to leave for church. By this time, it was 11 am which means the sun is not in the most ideal location photowise and we couldn’t use the spot I had picked out.  In those two hours we were waiting I had to convince my daughter to take her princess dress off twice, give up the goggles she was playing with and finally she showed up with a hanger which was the hardest to part with. I had just swapped the hanger for flowers when my sister showed up and we had just enough time to take three frames in between me begging my sister and my nephew to take their sunglasses off. My sister finally obliged for one of the photos, the one photo my daughter is not looking at the camera. Yes, I could photoshop it as my mom would suggest, but in the end, I love this photo because it’s real, it’s us, and there’s a story behind it. The story of my family. I did photoshop the white sunscreen. After all, it’s Mother’s Day and that’s a pretty small request after everything she’s done for me :).

I tell you all of this because I want you to know that when you come to the session and you are feeling a little bit frazzled, I understand. I know that most of the family is not as much into it as you are, but I just wanted to let you know that it is almost ALWAYS the case. You are not alone! The good news is that we can still always get incredible photos. So take a deep breath and have fun. Afterwards EVERYONE loves to see the photos and will enjoy them even more year after year. And the fact that you put the effort into recording your family’s story makes you an amazing mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!mothers_day



You Are an Amazing Mom!

Yes, you are!

I have only been a mom for less than two years, but if there’s one thing I’ve quickly learned is that we are all so hard on ourselves. I bet if I asked you to write 10 things that you need to be better as a mom, you could come up with the list in less than 10 seconds. However, what I really want to know is what is your best quality as a mom or what is the one thing that you think you do better than any other mom or what is one thing that you are really proud of as a mom… You get my point, right?  Tell me, tell me!

I’ve been seeing a lot of Mother’s Day contests, but they are all about nominating another mom. I want you to nominate yourself. Be proud of the mama that you are. I know you are amazing and I bet your children would agree with me.

And because I know you have the hardest job in the world, I want to reward you. All of you. Leave a comment below and I’ll give you $50 off a regular session that is booked in the month of May (you can schedule your session for anytime in 2014). Also, one lucky mama (chosen randomly) will win a free Mother’s Day Mini Session and all mamas who leave a comment below and book a mini session will get 5 extra high resolution images!

Mini Sessions will be held on May 17 and 18 in Gilbert. Times are 3:30, 4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, and 6:00

30 minutes + online gallery + favorite 5 images in high resolution + printing rights


Happy Mother’s Day!

When I was searching my files from this past year, I was looking for just one image for this blog post, but this is what I ended up with because you are all amazing and I’m so honored and touched that you trusted me to capture these beautiful moments with the ones you love the most. Thank you!