Goals for 2013

A few days ago I shared Ava’s New Year’s Resolutions and promised I’d be sharing mine as well.

Traditionally my sister and I would get together every January 1st to write our goals and then share them with each other. Besides being some good ole sister bonding time, it also helped us to dream big and increased our accountability.

To be completely honest, this year, I didn’t really have a moment to reflect and write out my goals until January 14th! I haven’t shared them with my sister yet, but I really wanted to get these up on the blog before the end of January, so here they are:

1. Have the fabulous Ellen Laux develop my new brand along with a new blogsite and all the other fun little things that go along with that. So excited for this!

2. Design a cozy space to meet with my clients in our new home.

3. Work on at least one concept shoot with industry peers

4. Blog twice/week

5. Find an organization to volunteer at with my sister

6. Use my film cameras for personal work

7. Write daily on a journal for Ava

8. Go on a date with Curtis once/month sans baby

9. Make our new house a home

10. Fulfill my childhood dream of having a piano

11. Learn how to play the piano

12. Have a garden in our home

13. Teach Ava Portuguese

14. Photograph more birth stories

15. Practice yoga at least 3 times/week

There are of course many other things that I won’t bore you with. You know, the ones that feel more like a to do list than a big goal. For example, buy a certain lens or upgrade a software program. I’ll save those for my sis because that’s what sister are for :).

And because photographers aren’t allowed to write a blog post without a picture, here’s the only photo I’ve taken of my little one this year with my professional camera. It’s more of a snapshot, but I never want to forget her happy face as she wakes up from a nap.