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Hi friends! It’s been a while 🙂

As most of you already know about 6 weeks ago I lost my website and blog. It was hard losing 10 years worth of blog posts, but I’m taking this as an opportunity to start brand new! It coincided with my decision to focus my photography business on families and no longer photograph weddings so in a way it feels like I’m starting a completely new business.

I have had a lot of people ask me why I’m no longer photographing weddings after doing it for so long (10 years!). It was definitely not an easy decision, but 5 years ago when my daughter was born I wish I could have Pete Souza move in with me and just document everything.

This new person and this new love in my heart. It all felt new, beautiful, unique and special. I knew for sure I’d always remember every detail because how could I not! You don’t travel to Italy and forget what the Vatican looked like, right? But I also wanted to be able to show her how incredible those times were. I wanted to be able to tell her stories, but also show her what such a special time in our lives looked like.  All the love, the discoveries, the laughter and our relationship. Mother and daughter.

Three years later, my son was born and the feeling was the same, but I also felt pulled in so many directions and like I couldn’t possibly have enough time with each of them. I tried to hold on to the moments, to study his little face or hold him before bed, but there was never enough time it seemed like.

My daughter is now 5 and my son 2 and although there’s a little more balance (or maybe I just adjusted to the chaos), time seems to be moving faster than ever.

When Ava was 1 1/2 years old I was blessed to have my friend Shea (www.byshea.com) photograph a little snippet of our day at home. I can’t put into words what these images mean to me. Ava used to walk around the house with a blanket on her head at all times. It made as laugh and we felt like it was something so unique to her that we would never forget. Ava is now 5 and we forgot. We forgot! That is until I saw this image again and then a million other memories came flooding in. And I wondered what else did I forget?

This is why I want to document it all for you and when your children grow up I want them to see how loved they were. Parents say “I love you” in a million silent ways throughout the day and it’s such a gift to be able to keep those moments in the form of photographs.

Some days are hard, some days are beautiful, some days feel short and others so long, but everyday is filled with blessings worth documenting and it’s all a part of your family’s story.

I think it’s easy to tell that I feel so passionate about this and it’s the reason why I’m no longer photographing weddings. I want to specialize in documenting families in the same photojournalistic style and unobtrusive approach that I used for weddings.

As much as I love looking at my wedding photos it pales in comparison to what I feel when looking at images of our family. Not only because of our children, but our love for each other has grown so much too. And while I do love the posed, looking good and smiling at the camera photos, the feeling I get from looking at our real moments as a family is absolutely priceless.




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