Fancy Camera Workshop Images (1.9.10)

This last Saturday I had my first official Fancy Camera Workshop and I feel like I am still recovering from it. The whole day felt like things were moving 10x times faster than normal life speed. I’ve taught many community college classes before, provided countless nutrition presentations for a variety of groups, from children to elderly, from 5 people in the audience to 500. I thought I was more than ready for the workshop, but this was completely different than anything I’ve ever done before.

I packed a whole lot of information in one day and trying to create images while answering questions and trying to make sure every important piece of information is covered can certainly make your head spin. But I have to say I am soo happy with how things turned out. Some of the attendees had literally just bought their cameras the week of the workshop and walked away shooting perfectly exposed and very well composed images on manual setting! In just one day!

Four our photo shoot location, I thought it would be great to show everyone that you can create some really great images in really terrible places. So after the lecture part of the day we just literally walked out to the hotel’s parking lot where the workshop took place and used that as our photo shoot location. I was really impressed with what everyone was able to create.

I also need to give my best friends, Tom and Trisha, a lot of credit for being so adorable and patient with us. I love you guys! Here are some images of my favorite couple:

I think this series is just so cute:

It’s always fun to practice a little panning, and with sunflare it’s even better!

After the shoot we went back inside and talked a little bit about post-processing and had a great critique of everyone’s images. Here are a couple of images processed a little differently just for fun:

Thank you so much to everyone who came. It was wonderful meeting all of you. Please stay in touch as I can’t wait to see what else you will create! For some behind the scenes images, click here.

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